Hal Heustein- FOUNDER (Deceased)
    Mr. Heustein founded Woodworks Construction in 1980 after a long career with Prince Carpentry. Mr. Heustein established Woodworks as one of the largest drywall and carpentry contractors in New York City.
    Mr. Heustein immediately recognized the potential of Mr.Nusbaum's moveable net system. Heustein's carpenters had previously installed more primitive versions of horizontal protective nets. Mr.Heustein's vision and organization established and expanded Nets That Work from its inception in 1990.

Arthur Nusbaum- FOUNDER
     Mr. Nusbaum holds numerous patents in the construction safety field including the moveable system for horizontal protective nets Mr.Nusbaum established himself as the General Super for Diesel Construction in the 1950's through the 1970's before becoming President of HRH Construction. Among the hundreds of projects he has been associated with are the Citicorp Building, The Javits Convention Center, Worldwide Plaza and Trump Tower.
    Currently Mr. Nusbaum works as an independent consultant for Boston Properties, American Express, the Scandinavian Institute and York Hunter Construction. He is available to Nets That Work 24/7 but he has never been involved with the day-to-day operations.

W.Scott Rives- PRESIDENT
    Mr. Rives has been with Woodworks Construction for 20 years. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Subcontractors Trade Association. Upon Mr. Heustein's death in 1999, Mr.Rives assumed the role of President of Woodworks and Nets That Work. Both companies have continued to thrive under his leadership.

    From the original estimate to the final payment, Mr.Kennelly is responsible for all Nets That Work projects. Mr.Kennelly also handles projects for Woodworks Construction.

    Since it's inception in 1990, Mr. Reese has been in charge of Nets That Work field operation. He supervises the carpenters who actually install the system and he trains them in proper safety procedures. He has traveled with our system to LasVegas, Hawaii and Miami Beach to train local carpenters how to install and move the Nets That Work system.
    In 10 years not one project has been stopped because the nets were not moved timely.