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New York City streets have been much safer the last ten years. Not only because of the much ballyhooed reduction in crime but because of local law 61.Local law 61 maintains that a system of horizontal nets stick out from the building two floors under the stripping floor in order to catch debris before it can fall to the street endangering pedestrians. New York is the only major city to have such a law. Because the concrete is poured so quickly (over two floors a week) the net system must be equally as quick.

The manually moved system actually moves up the building with the concrete without being disassembled. One or two men can move an entire net system a floor in one day. The labor savings are huge and this has led to us securing almost all the work in New York City since 1990. We rent the equipment and our people do all the necessary installation, maintenance and removal. Of course the nets system works equally well all over the country and we have already rented and shipped systems to Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston and Hawaii. We well send a supervisor to teach your personnel. In one or two days they are expert. It's that simple. In addition to our patented horizontal net system we also do stationary systems, demolition ,bridges, railroad bridges , playgrounds and virtually anything you can imagine. We also sell the black horizontal protective nets as well as the orange vertical nets that keep debris from blowing of the edge of a high rise. Thank you for your interest.

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