Nets that Save...
...lives. Our horizontal protective nets extend 15 feet from the building and protect workers above and below the net as well as pedestrians who can be struck by falling debris or material. Horizontal nets also save money. Costs can be recouped by reduced insurance premiums.

Nets that Catch...
...falling lumber, concrete, hammers, soda cans, and more. Our nets have surpassed ANSI requirements. On several occasions, we caught in excess of 1200 lbs. of reshores that fell into our system.

Nets That Protect...
...workers, pedestrians, adjacent properties and your peace of mind. At 15 feet our nets extend further than most systems. The nets are independent of the building, do not interfere with stripping or pouring and because there is no need for a second net system, you're not left unprotected for even a second.

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